CME, Conferences & Academic Activities

CME Activities 2022

  • 20 National & International Webinars Seminars Conferences attended by Teachers Across India.
  • CME attended by Teacher as per the details given below:-
    • Dr. Ritika Sharma, Assistant Professor, Deptt. of Balrog at R.G.G.P.G.Ayu. College & Hospital, Paprola
    • Dr. Arjun Gupta, Assistant Professor, Deptt. of Shalya-Tantra Delivered Guest Lecture at Parul University, Faculty of Ayurved, Gujrat
    • Dr. Arjun Gupta, Assistant Professor, Deptt. of Shalya-Tantra Participated in International Conference on Sushrutas Surgical Principles in Current Scenario Organized by Uttrakhand Ayurved University.
    • Dr Varinder Ghuman Assistant Professor, Deptt. of Rachna-Sharir attended Hands on Training on Plastination & Casting Techniques Held at NIA Jaipur
  • All PG Students attended online Webinars Organized by Institute Guided by GRAU, Hoshiarpur
  • 23 Research & Reviews Articles Published by 14 Teachers & PG Scholars. Four Books Published by Three Faculty Members.


We have well-equipped lecture halls and classrooms, laboratories, a library with extensive resources, a herbal garden, a hospital wing, a dedicated Panchakarma center, research facilities, hostel accommodations, an auditorium, sports and recreational facilities, a canteen and a robust IT infrastructure.

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