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Babe Ke College of Education, Daudhar | Moga (Pb.)
Babe Ke College of Education, Daudhar | Moga (Pb.) Recognized by NCTE. Approved by Govt. of Punjab...

Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Mission :

Guru Gobind Singh College of Education (For Women) has mission to develop the intellectual and creative faculties of our pupil teachers to enable them not only to with stand the changes in the field of education but also to lead by innovative initiatives and to prepare prospective teachers for the global, diverse, change intensive and technologically sophisticated environment of present and future.


Vision :

Keeping in view the philosophy of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, our endeavour is to equip competent, qualified, dignified, foresighted responsible and innovative teachers for the society by imbibing in them a desire of excellence, development of right attitudes, virtues and qualities of head & heart. The vision of college is to :-

  • Shape up the illustrious personalities of tomorrow by the farsightedness and commitment of future teachers.
  • Transmit the right attitudes, valued and ideal to the future generation of India.
  • Achieve academic excellence through hard work.
  • Achieve society desirable behaviour.
  • Grabbing the pupil teachers to associate our shoulder the responsibilities and appreciate the privileges of life in the democratic setup.
  • Enable them to discover their special talents and give a practical shape to them.
  • Exercise responsible leadership.
  • Show reverence for all that is noble and to inculcate the spirit of self sacrifice for the sake of mankind.

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