Existing Instructional Facilities...
Hostel Facilities

The manifestation of Boys & Girls Hostel in formation of the complex is worth praising. The lovely flowers in the calm and soothing garden gives essence of pleasant fragrance in the hostel. The most unique quality of the hostel is a large T.V. room and the beautiful canopy which seems as if a fairy carriage is kept in the wonderland. The attached washroom with each room is a proof of the hygiene provided by the college.

The investigating & diagnostic Labs have latest technological instruments & experimental materials & tools

Rog Nidan Lab.JPG
Pharmacognosy Lab
Pathology Lab
Kriya Sharir.JPG
Physiology Lab
Drug Testing Lab

Library, Computer Lab, Audio-Visual Lab, Herbal Garden, Stadium

computer lab.jpg
Computer Lab for UG
Audio Visual Room.JPG
Computer Lab for PG
Audio-Visual Lab
Herbal Garden2.JPG DSC_0282.JPG
Herbal Garden