It is said, "Instead of giving a bread to the hungry once or twice, it is noble to teach him how to earn it". This is what our motto is. 

     Based on this conceptualization visionary Babe Ke Educational Trust (Charitable) Regd. (comprising of Indians and
Non Resident Indians) initiated and endeavoured to realise the above universal truth by establishing Institutes which would shed light on ways and means of employment and self employment for the coming youth and further their services to industry in the present competitive era, in which it is not possible to sustain in the global market without adopting modern manufacturing/servicing technology. It is a matter of great pride for us that today Doaba Group of Colleges is a brand that stands for total and meaningful education.

With a mission to provide a value based quality education, overall personality development and a life time career we have redefined the system of education. To support our mission we offered internationally recognized courses and training programmes for enrichment of students and to facilitate their academic and professional live in increasingly global market. At this temple of education we aim to producing highly competent and skilled manpower as per ever changing needs of the industry.